CMEK is available for the Scale plan.

A Google Cloud Platform (GCP) project is required to manage your CMEK.

Vital supports “Customer Managed Encryption Keys” (CMEK) for all data managed in our platform. To use a CMEK for your team, you may select from GCP supported vendors. These are:

Once you have selected a GCP compatible vendor and subscribed to their service, please contact to get setup.

After Migration to CMEK

The following changes will occur once your team has been moved to use your custom CMEK.

  • All your previous API keys will continue to work with the api and dont need to be recreated.
  • All users previously connected to your team will be preserved
  • Any data previously managed will be lost, new data will continue to be received via webhooks and http.

Special considersations on historical data are made on a case-by-case basis. Please contact if you have any requests.