1. Webhooks
  2. Debugging

You can debug webhook events in one of two ways: the Dashboard or using the Svix API.

The Vital Dashboard has a Webhooks section that allows you to test and observe webhook events.

Vital uses Svix to send webhook events to your server. Svix offers the ability for you to debug webhook events programmatically. In particular, the Svix List Messages endpoint allows you to retrieve all the Webhook events for your app. From there, you can use the Get Message endpoint to debug the contents of a webhook event.

From each of the above you can get more details about the webhook event:

  "type": "message.attempt.failing",
  "data": {
    "appId": "app_2...WWfEZ",
    "appUid": "55c...c74d",
    "msgId": "msg_2L...AQLd",
    "endpointId": "ep_26...352",
    "lastAttempt": {
      "id": "atmpt_28L...7e0",
      "responseStatusCode": 404,
      "timestamp": "2022-04-26T17:56:30.991139+00:00"