1. Lab Testing
  2. Testing Modalities

Three types are currently supported:

  • At home test kit
  • At home phlebotomy visit
  • In lab phlebotomy visit

At-home test kits

This involves sending a kit to a patients home that allows the patient to collect their sample specimen and send back to our lab networks in the mail.

At home testing kits are comprised of a number of components such as:

  • Mailer Box
  • Blade Lancers
  • Plasters
  • Gauze
  • ADX Card
  • Whatman Paper
  • Saliva Tubes
  • Collection Supplies
  • Instruction Booklet

Additional components can be included in the test kit box, to fully customize the kit, just contact us support@tryvital.io.

In lab phlebotomy

In lab draws involve the patient going to a lab location either Quest or Labcorp, to carry out the test. To carry out this test you need a requisition form. Vital’s API can generate this for you, if the patient meets certain conditions. Results are then retrieved via Vital’s API.

At-home phlebotomy

At-home phlebotomy requires mobile phlebotmists visiting a patient at their home and carrying out the phlebotomy draw. The sample is then delivered to the lab by the phlebotomist.