1. Providers
  2. Supported providers

We currently Support over 300+ devices, a full list can be seen below.

Freestylefreestyle_libreAbbott CGM Glucose monitor
FitbitfitbitActivity Trackers (all devices)
GarmingarminFitness watches (all devices)
Google Fitgoogle_fitActivity Trackers (all devices)
OuraouraSmart Sleep tracking ring
PelotonpelotonPopular Indoor Exercise bike
RenphorenphoFitness Scales
StravastravaRunning & Cycling Social Network
WahoowahooCycling Equipment
WhoopwhoopYour Personal Digital Fitness and Health Coach
ZwiftzwiftVirtual cycling and running
WithingswithingsFitness scales, watches and health monitors
iHealthihealthBlood pressure, Fitness scales, Glucometers & Fitness watches
8Sleepeight_sleepSmart Mattress
Omron (SDK)omron_bleBlood Pressure monitors and scales
Contour (SDK)contour_bleGlucometers
Accu-Chek (SDK)accuchek_bleGlucose Strips/MySugr App
Apple HealthKit (SDK)apple_health_kitHealth and fitness data on iPhone and Apple Watch
Freestyle Libre BLE (SDK)freestyle_libre_bleAbbott CGM Glucose monitor readings via SDK
Braun HealthcarebraunBlood Pressure Monitors
HammerheadhammerheadCycling computers

Providers under active development

Beta: Currently under development

Planned: On our roadmap

MyfitnessPalmy_fitness_palNutrition dataEnquire
XiaomixiaomiAll dataEnquire
CronometercronometerNutrition dataEnquire
SuuntosuuntoFitness WatchPlanned
iGlucoseiglucoseGlucose StripsPlanned
PolarpolarActivity WatchPlanned
KetoMojoTBDGlucose, Ketones and morePlanned

Full Device Support List

Data Frequency

This section describes how we fetch data from the different providers. For all of them, we send you webhook updates when new data is available. The difference is how frequently we fetch data.

Whenever possible, we set up our integrations so that we are immediately notified when new data is available. These are the providers marked as Webhook in the table below. For these providers, we fetch the latest data as soon as it is available and we send a webhook update.

For the other providers, marked as Polling below, we periodically fetch the latest data every 10-15 minutes. If you want more granular control over this, you can use the refresh endpoint to fetch the latest data immediately.

All data can be fetched instantaneously, some are configured via our live refresh endpoint and others are automatically kept up to date via our webhook implementation.

Omron (SDK)Webhook
Contour (SDK)Webhook
Accu-Chek (SDK)Webhook
Apple HealthKit (SDK)Webhook
Freestyle(API + SDK)Polling
Google FitPolling

To provide you with the best possible experience, for some providers we implement a mix of Webhook and Polling for different resources. Check out the resources page for more info.