Error delivery

URL Query

Vital performs a 307 Temporary Redirect to the redirect_url specified in your Link Token in the following scenarios:

Error parameters would be appended to the redirect_url before the redirection. For example, given a redirect_url of

JSON Response

Vital responds 200 OK with a JSON response in the following scenarios:

Error parameters would be embedded into the JSON response. For example:

  "state": "error",
  "error_type": "provider_credential_error",
  "error": "Invalid username or password"

Error Parameters

const string

Constant: error


One of the Link Error Types.


A human-readable error explanation for troubleshooting purposes. Your application logic should not rely on this message.

Error Types

This list is non-exhaustive. Your application logic must gracefully handle any unrecognized error type.

Error TypeDescription
invalid_tokenThe Link Token is invalid or has expired.
token_not_validatedThe OAuth Link process has not been initiated via the Link OAuth Provider endpoint.
token_consumedThe Link Token has been used to initiate a connection.
provider_credential_errorOAuth: An error occurred during the provider authentication flow. Password & Email: The supplied user credential is invalid.
provider_api_errorThe credential is valid, but an error occurred on an API call required by Vital to fully establish the connection.
unsupported_regionThe region you specified is not supported.
Freestyle Libre only.
duplicate_connectionThe provider credential has an existing connection to a different user in your team.
Applicable only if you have opted in to the reject_duplicate_connection team setting.
required_scopes_not_grantedUser did not grant all required scopes, so Vital cannot establish the connection.