Data collection time bounds

By default, all user connections in Vital system have no data collection time bounds set. Vital will fetch historical data up to the provider’s limit and continue to fetch new data daily until the connection is deregistered.

Setting Ingestion Start and End Dates

You can set and update the Ingestion Start and End Dates during:

If no ingestion bounds are set, data will be fetched continuously without any restrictions

  "user_id": "409d9870-21fb-443a-8daa-c5222659f40e",
  "team_id": "3aac677c-557f-40b7-9251-0315c1f48e77",
  "client_user_id": "d734e32e-dd43-4b77-ab56-692524279531",
  /** snipped **/
  "ingestion_start": "2024-01-01",
  "ingestion_end": "2024-12-15",