Vital supports two ways to connect to LibreView for Abbott CGMs:

Provider SlugRemarks
abbott_libreviewConnect via LibreView patient account in any region.
freestyle_libreConnect via regional LibreView practices (Vital-managed, or custom practices).

freestyle_libre for practice-based connections

With the freestyle_libre integration, users have to share/connect their LibreView patient account with either Vital’s LibreView practice, or a custom practice of yours.

Vital accesses the patient CGM data as a member of the LibreView practice.

abbott_libreview for patient-based connections

With the abbott_libreview integration, users can connect their Abbott CGM devices simply by signing in with their LibreView patient account. Vital accesses the patient CGM data as their personal account.

  • You would not need to maintain any LibreView practices.
  • You would not need to instruct your users to connect their account to a LibreView practice, before they can attempt to connect via Vital Link.

LibreView data use floating time basis

All LibreView (Freestyle Libre) data are in floating time basis.

Please go through the Timestamps and Time Zones guide to understand the implications, as well as how to properly handle floating time data.

Connecting a LibreView patient account (abbott_libreview)

Abbott LibreView is automatically available as an option in the Vital Link Widget.

If you intend to build a custom widget on top of the Vital Link API, Abbott LibreView is exposed as a password provider:


Generate a Link Token

Start the linking process by generating a short-lived Link Token.


Submit username and password

Submit the username and password of the LibreView patient account to the Link Password Provider endpoint.

You need not specify any region in your request. Vital will match the correct LibreView region transparently.


Handle the multi-factor authentication request

The Link Password Provider endpoint responds with state: "pending_provider_mfa", alongside the MFA method being used, as well as a MFA hint.

This means the user must complete multi-factor authentication before Vital can establish the connection. You should prompt the user to input the verification code they received out-of-band.


Submit the MFA Code

Submit the MFA code to the Complete Password Provider MFA endpoint.

You must use the same Link Token you generated in Step 1.

Linking completed

The linking process is completed. Historical pulls are scheduled to start as soon as possible.

Setting up practice-based connections (freestyle_libre)

Adding users to a Practice

When integrating with Vital, you have two options: use Vital’s practice, or yours. We call the latter a custom practice. Depending on the approach, you need to instruct your user’s to connect their Libre account to a practice.

This allows Vital to start pulling data from their account. This is done through the Libre app:

Custom Practice

freestyle_libre custom practice connections is available for the Scale plan.

Please make sure you invite Vital to your practice as a clinician with admin rights. To connect a user to Vital you must first connect your Freestyle practice to Vital in the appropriate Vital region for your Freestyle account.

If you get stuck at any point join our Slack channel or send us a message to support@tryvital.io

Freestyle Libre is available in different regions, ensure you invite the correct email as an admin of your practice:

Vital US Region

Freestyle Region
United States (us) *
Canada (ca)
India (in)
(*) Default Freestyle region if unspecified

Vital EU Region

Freestyle Region
Europe (eu) *
Singapore (sg)
Australia (au)
Germany (de)
Netherlands (nl)
Brazil (br)
(*) Default Freestyle region if unspecified

Vital Practices

You can use a Vital practices to test the integration with Freestyle Libre. This modality is available to all subscriptions.

Vital has two practices (depending on environment) this applies to all regions:

EnvironmentPractice Name

You need to ask your user to add one of the above practices in their Libre App. Once that’s done, data will start flowing.

To connect your user to Vital via the Link Widget you can follow the guide here.

  1. To connect to Freestyle Libre, you must create a Vital Link token.
  1. Libre is an email provider. This means that when connecting a user we have to use the connect email provider method, passing in the email of the user’s Libre account and region in short form.

Once this is complete we will start syncing data from their Libre account.