Connecting Garmin to Vital

Vital! You can do this with Vital Link Widget or programatically like any other OAuth providers.

Vital Widget

To connect your device with the widget, follow the link wizard ensuring and enter your username and password.


This provider doesn’t send historical webhooks. This is in constrast with other providers we have. This means you will receive<resource_type>.created instead.

On successful connection, you will receive:

  • Connection create wehbook.
  • Daily webhooks<resource_type>.created and<resource_type>.updated are issued, as new or more up-to-date data becomes available.


In order to receive a new historical backfill, for an existing connected source, you need to first deregister before reconnecting the user via the Garmin OAuth flow or Vital Link. This is unique to Garmin. For other providers, you can reconnect a user to an existing account and a new historical backfill is triggered.