This provider is being phased out in favour of the new Dexcom V3 Api. Consider migrating to the new API at your earliest convinence.

Please make sure you have the dexcom mobile application installed and sharing enabled. You will need to invite in the mobile application before you can connect with Vital.

Enabling Dexcom Share

You can follow the guides by Dexcom on how to enable sharing for your device. Ensure you use the application for your device and not Dexcom Clarity.

Vital Widget

To connect your device with the widget, follow the link wizard ensuring and enter your username and password.

You can also connect a Dexcom user to vital using vital client. For additional information please consult the API reference.


On successful connection, you will receive a Connection create wehbook. Daily webhooks data.daily.glucose.created and data.daily.glucose.updated will also be issued to your team as new or more up-to-date data becomes available during the day.

For this provider however, Vital will begin to aggregate the data for the last 24 hours and will not go beyond that. As a result, there will be no Historical webhooks issued. If you would like to pull the data immediately after connection, you can use the user/refresh endpoint.