The link flow starts when a user wants to connect a wearable device with Vital. An overview of the process can be found below. To start integrating Vital Link make sure you have your api_key from your team dashboard.

Before initialising the link flow, ensure you have generated a user_id for the specific user. This should be done when a user signs up to your service and is to be stored alongside your user entry in your database. See for more details on how to create a user_id.

  1. To launch Vital link, first generate a link_token by passing the user_id to the /link/token endpoint.
  2. Pass the link_token into the Vital link component to open the link for the user. Please note: the link_token is a short-lived one-time use token.
  3. Use the onSuccess, onError, onExit callbacks to handle different events on your frontend.