Libre’s API does not record the timestamp’s offset associated with a user’s reading. Although Vital returns timestamps in the UTC format (e.g. 2022-04-20T13:02:01+00:00) this doesn’t hold true for Libre. The time returned is the user’s timezone when they took a reading. Our recommendation is for you to record the timezone offset of each user and adjust the timestamps accordingly.

Adding users to a Practice

When integrating with Vital, you have two options: use Vital’s practice, or yours. We call the latter a custom practice. Depending on the approach, you need to instruct your user’s to connect their Libre account to a practice.

This allows Vital to start pulling data from their account. This is done through the Libre app:

Custom Practice (Enterprise only)

If you want to use a Custom Practice, you need an Enterprise Account. Please contact

Please make sure you invite Vital to your practice as a clinician with admin rights. To connect a user to Vital you must first connect your Freestyle practice to Vital in the appropriate Vital region for your Freestyle account.

If you get stuck at any point join our Slack channel or send us a message to

Freestyle Libre is available in different regions, ensure you invite the correct email as an admin of your practice:

Vital US Region

Freestyle Region
United States (us) *
Canada (ca)
(*) Default Freestyle region if unspecified

Vital EU Region

Freestyle Region
Europe (eu) *
Singapore (sg)
Australia (au)
Germany (de)
Netherlands (nl)
Brazil (br)
(*) Default Freestyle region if unspecified

Vital Practices

You can use a Vital practices to test the integration with Freestyle Libre. This modality is available to all subscriptions.

Vital has two practices (depending on environment) this applies to all regions:

EnvironmentPractice Name

You need to ask your user to add one of the above practices in their Libre App. Once that’s done, data will start flowing.

Vital Widget

To connect your user to Vital via the Widget you can follow the guide here.

  1. To connect to Freestyle Libre, you must create a Vital Link token.
token_response ="<user_id>")
  1. Libre is an email provider. This means that when connecting a user we have to use the connect email provider method, passing in the email of the user’s Libre account and region in short form.
linkResponse =

Once this is complete we will start syncing data from their Libre account.