In order for Customers to be able to simulate the ordering process in the sandbox environment, Vital provides both simulated results and a way to transition an order through it’s lifecycle.

Creating Lab Tests

Every created team comes with 3 standard Lab Tests to allow the Customer to test all 3 modalities.

However, since most customers choose to have their own custom lab tests, you should create your own tests using the API. This is encouraged, as Vital generates results based on the associated markers. More on this on the results section.


When an order is placed in the sandbox environment, it is “stuck” in the ordered state and will not progress unless triggered to do so. This can be done through the dashboard, or through the API.

Initiating the simulation process will progress the order through the expected success states defined in the lifecycle section, triggering all expected webhooks, emails and SMS’s.

When testing the At-Home Phlebotomy, there is only one specific address which is allowed, this address is West Lincoln Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004, USA.


In order to allow Customers to test, Vital generate’s fake results for each lab test, based on the expected markers.

The generated results will cycle through all possible result types.

Note that generated values might not match the expected unit.

As for the PDF results, these are not generated, and Vital returns an example PDF that does not reflect the ordered test.