At-home Testkits are one of our offered modalities. This modality involves sending a kit to a patient’s home, where the patient will collect their own sample and send the kit to our Lab network through mail.

Within this modality, we provide two types of testkits, those which are pre-registered to a user, and those which need to to be (registered by the patient upon receiving the kit)[lab/workflow/order-registrable-testkit].

Ordering Flow overview

To achieve this, a high-level overview of the process is defined as:

  • An order is placed in Vital’s system through our Dashboard or API.
  • The order is added to a background queue and additional checks are made before the kit is shipped to the provided address.
  • Once the order shipment is created, a requisition is generated.
  • After the requisition is created, some form of communication is carried out with the patient.
  • If the kit is not registered, then the user must register the kit before results can be provided.
  • The patient receives the kit, collects their sample, and sends the kit back through mail.
  • The Laboratory processes the patient’s blood sample and generates the required results.
  • Vital exposes the results via API as soon as they are available, both on PDF and structured data via API.


  • If the teskit is un-registered, then the user must register it in order for the results to be processed.

To find out more details, see Order and Appointment Lifecycle, Communications and Webhooks.