Communication for patients is done via email or SMS, for Walk-in orders. Customers have the following options when setting this up:

  • Default - Email and SMS communications are enabled.
  • SMS Only or Email Only - Only SMS or Email communication is enabled.
  • Disable - All communications from Vital are disabled.

Each option has a different set of content and status changes, depending on what triggered them.

You can enable or disable SMS and Email communications individually through the Vital Dashboard, under the Team Settings section.

Default Communications

SMS Messages

A table of the Order Status and default SMS is provided bellow:

Order StatusDefault Message
ordered“Hi, {patient_first_name}, your order for the {team_name} walk-in-test has been placed! We’ll provide you with updates on the status of your order via text messages :).”
requisition_created“Hey {patient_first_name}, it’s time to visit your local {lab_name} center. Please check the email you just received for instructions.”
completed“Your results have finished processing, your results should be ready soon.”
cancelled“Hey, your order for the {team_name} walk-in-test has been cancelled. If this is by accident please contact support.”
SMS Texts are customizable, and can be enabled or disabled individually.


For emails, the following table describes what information each email contains for each Order Statuses:

Order StatusEmail Content Description
requisition_createdAn email with confirmation of the partner Lab and additional instructions will be sent to the patient.
Emails can be customised and sent from your own domain.

Disable Communications

In this case, no communications will be sent from Vital. You have the ability to produce completely customized communications using the Webhook events described previously.