Verifying if a particular zip code is serviceable is an important step, as not all labs have patient service centers within a state or within a reasonable distance.

The recommend high level flow for verifying PSC availability at Vital is:

  "zip_code": "85004",
  "central_labs": {
    "labcorp": {
        "within_radius": 5, # number of PSC's within radius of provided zip code
        "radius": "25" # miles

If specific data regarding the PSC’s is required, then you can also query the GET /v3/order/psc/info for specific information on the PSC’s within the radius of the provided zip code.

  "lab_id": 27,
  "slug": "labcorp",
  "patient_service_centers": [
      "metadata": {
        "name": "LABCORP",
        "state": "AZ",
        "city": "Phoenix",
        "zip_code": "85006",
        "first_line": "1300 N 12th St",
        "second_line": "Ste 300",
        "phone_number": "480-878-3988",
        "fax_number": "844-346-5903",
        "hours": null
      "distance": "25",