By integrating with our API, you will have access to the following testing modalities:

  • At-home test kit.
  • At-home phlebotomy visit.
  • Walk-in test visit.

At-home test kits

This involves sending a kit to a patient’s home. They will then be able to collect their sample specimen and send it back to our lab networks via mail.

At home testing kits are comprised of a number of components such as:

  • Mailer Box
  • Blade Lancets
  • Plasters
  • Gauze
  • ADX Card
  • Blood collection card
  • Saliva Tubes
  • Collection Supplies
  • Instruction Booklet

Additional components can be included in the test kit box. To fully customize the kit, just contact us

At-home phlebotomy

At-home phlebotomy requires a phlebotomist to visit a patient’s home and carrying out the phlebotomy draw. The sample is then delivered to the lab by the phlebotomist.

The flow for at-home phlebotomy orders is as follows:

  • Place an order via the API.
  • The order is processed in the background. For at-home phlebotomy, this means generating the requisition form for the lab test.
  • Once the requisition form is ready, a webhook update and an email to the patient are sent. The email will them know that they can now book an appointment.
  • The patient goes through Vital’s appointment booking dashboard, where they can select a location and time from the available slots.
  • Once the appointment takes place and the sample is drawn, it will be taken to the lab.
  • Once the lab analyzes the results, the order is complete and the results can be fetched.

Walk-in tests

In-lab draws involve the patient going to a lab location, either Quest or Labcorp, to carry out the test. To carry out this test you need a requisition form. Vital’s API can generate this for you, if the patient meets certain conditions. Results are then retrieved via Vital’s API.

The flow of an walk-in test is very similar to the at-home phlebotomy one. The only difference is that the patient does not book an appointment beforehand, but goes directly to the lab instead.

A patient might book an appointment with Labcorp or Quest for walk-in phlebotomy tests, instead of directly going to the lab. We don’t support tracking such appointments through our API yet. But we might add this capability in the future!