Walk-in tests are one of our offered modalities. This modality is focused on patients that are able to go to a Laboratory to have their blood drawn.

Ordering Flow overview

To achieve this, a high-level overview of the process is defined as:

  • An order is placed in Vital’s system through our Dashboard or API.
  • The order is added to a background queue and additional checks are made before a test requisition is created with the chosen Laboratory.
  • After the requisition is created, some form of communication is carried out with the patient so he can go to the assigned partner Laboratory.
  • After that, the patient can go at any time they want to the laboratory to have their blood drawn.
  • The Laboratory processes the patient’s blood sample and generates the required results.
  • Vital exposes the results via API as soon as they are available, both on PDF and structured data via API.

To find out more details, see Order Lifecycle, Communications and Webhooks.