As discussed in Lab Test Lifecycle - Statuses, each lab testing modality has the following format


For each modality, there can be multiple low-level status, for Walk-in orders the possible low-level status are:

  • ordered: Vital received the order, stored it into our system, and started processing it asynchronously.
  • requisition_created: An order requisition form was validated and created with the partner laboratory, making the order available to be carried out.
  • partial_results: The laboratory has made partial results available.
  • completed: The laboratory processed the blood sample and final results are available.
  • cancelled: The order was cancelled by either the patient, Vital or you.

The Finite State Machine that defines the possible transitions for the low-level statuses described above is illustrated in the following diagram.

Possible state transitions for the Walk-in Order low-level statuses.

In sandbox, there is no async transition from the ordered state to the requisition_created state, this must be manually triggered via the Vital Dashboard.