When you order a lab test through our API, you may have to collect consents from the patient and forward it to us. The following consents may include:

  • hipaa-authorization.
  • terms-of-use.
  • telehealth-informed-consent.


As mentioned in the introduction, you don’t need to have your own Physician to place orders with Vital. When you order a test, you can pass an optional physician argument. If provided, the order will use your physician. If not, your order will go through with Vital’s physician network. For more information, please check our lab testing page and book an introductory call with us.

Health insurance (Beta)

When you order a test, you have the option to select Health Insurance as a billing method. You can place a health insurance order by creating an order using the health_insurance argument in the Create Order endpoint, providing:

  • Payor Code - A unique code representing a specific Health Insurance company. You can query a specific Payor Code using the Search Payor endpoint.
  • Insurance ID - A unique alphanumerical number representing the patient contract with the Health Insurance company. Usually found in the patient’s insurance card.
  • Responsible Relationship - The relationship between the Insurance owner and the patient. The values are (Self, Spouse, Other Relationship). If the relationship is different from Self, the Responsible Details field must be provided.
  • Responsible Details - An object with specific information about the responsible, containing the Responsible Party’s Phone Number, Name and Address.
  • Diagnosis Codes - A list of Diagnosis Codes names, you can search for adequate diagnosis using the Search Diagnosis Code endpoint.
  • Optional A clear, legible image of the front and back of the Patient insurance card.

The health_insurance object should look like this:

Health Insurance
 "health_insurance": {
    "front_image": {
         "content": "base64-encoded insurance front image binary content",
         "content_type": "image/png | image/jpg | image/jpeg"
      "back_image": {
         "content": "base64-encoded insurance back image binary content",
         "content_type": "image/png"
    "payor_code": "SGEXS",
    "diagnosis_codes": ["D55.0"],
    "insurance_id": "12345",
    "responsible_relationship": "Spouse",
    "responsible_details": {
                "first_name": "John",
                "last_name": "Doe",
                "phone_number": "+11234567890",
                "phone_type": "Mobile",
                "address": {
                    "first_line": "3577 Berkshire Circle",
                    "country": "USA",
                    "zip": "37917",
                    "city": "Knoxville",
                    "state": "Tennessee"

A successful order is created with health insurance billing, and sent to our partner labs to generate a requisition form.